"XVII Carvings"
has taken me all over the country within the past year. At this moment, I have 5 carvings in 5 different states. 
Minnesota, Massachusetts, Washington, Oklahoma, and now Kansas. And the traveling and events keep coming.
The one I did last week in Oregon and delivered to Washington, fulfilled two of the 17 promises I made to myself. 
The most recent one is the one in the photo above. I attend a turkey hunt in Kansas put on for veterans over the weekend, and I did my first on site live carving in front of people. I finished the whole carving on Friday, even due to bad weather. Was still able to complete it in a day, doing the carving under a tent they provided for me. Then Saturday night they had their event gathering and party where at the end they raffled off the carving. All and all it brought in $4,300 in raffle sales. I donated all that money to the organization, and they turned around and insisted on my taking half. Which I couldn't do. 
We settled on an agreement and they ended up donating some back to me. To help with future carvings to Gold Star families. That was a big surprise and in all honesty, will be a big help. I'm hoping I can fill 3 more promises by the end of the year and make that a total of 5 delivered out of the 17. 
If you don't know what I'm doing.

In 2011, our battalion lost 17 Marines in Combat Operations in Sangin. I made a promise to myself to deliver 17 carvings to all the families who lost their son. 
Again, these carving have taken me all across the nation in a short time, and I've meet some amazing people. Thank you all very much for joining me on this journey. Your support is very much appreciated!

(This photo was taken before stain)