In less then a year, the carvings have taken me all over the country.
I've been in Boston the past week doing two carvings, one was being done live with thousands of people around the area. That was huge, a lot of people saw a completed carving and one being done in the process. 
Thank you to everyone at the Boston's Wounded Vet Run for having me at your event. I was Honored to be apart of it, everyone's so nice and appreciated 

I had the opportunity to be apart of another event. It was the single largest Motorcycle event in the nation, and it's in our Nations Capital on Memorial Day weekend.
Rolling Thunder. 
Some might of heard of Tim Chambers or "The Saluting Marine". He stands and renders a salute on 23rd and Constitution for hours as roughly 800,000 bikes pass him by, with estimated 1.2 million people in attendance. 

This year it is with tremendous gratitude that while he stands saluting, he had one of my Battlefield Crosses directly in front of him!! 

I've been doing the carvings for less then a year and in that time I never thought lt'd be taking me all over the country.
Pretty excited to share this with you all. Thank you again to everyone for the support, and thank you to Boston's Wounded Vet Run and Tim Chambers for including me in your Journeys! 

If you've never heard of "The Saluting Marine" here's a short clip below with his story.