Has Heart

Today and tomorrow I'm teamed up with "Has Heart" while they're here in Boston. 

They're on a mission going to all 50 states, and pairing a veteran up with graphic designer. The designer and veteran work together to come up with a T-Shirt to tell the veterans story. 
We're working on a shirt to help explain the meaning behind XVII Carvings. Stay tuned for more. 
Tomorrow will be a full day in the studio compiling a final design.

A Break From Carving

I get to do some pretty cool shit at times. 

Shooting a type 96 Japanese Machine Gun in Harvard Massachusetts today. 
This is an authentic Japanese Machine Gun captured from the Pacific Theatre. 

You can barely see it. But on the other side from my left thumb, there's a dint from incoming fire. Possibly the round that could of hit and killed the Japanese Solider operating this weapon back in WWII. 
Thing keeps a pretty good group too. 

I've shot Machine guns in the past, and have been shot at by a machine gun. 
By far, it's more fun being behind the pig then in front of one!

Martelli Studios

Thank you To Matthew Martelli, a local artist here in Boston for the two paint brushes. They helped with the detailing of the EOD Badge.

Matthew is one hell of an artist, I went in his art studio and his painting are pretty amazing. Check his art out. 

Also he talked about offering his painting talents to paint portraits of Fallen Service members. 

If any Gold Star Families would be interested in having a one of a kind Portrait done of their loved one contact Matthew Martelli! This is a great opportunity. His web page will be listed in the link below. 


Completed Carving

Completed carving for Dan Patron KIA Aug 6th 2011.
Now that all the works done, comes the hard part. 
The delivery to the family.