Here are three headstones at Fort Sam Houston cemetery.
John Farias, who was the fourth Gold Star family to receive a carving. 
But there's a story behind the other two and how they're all connected.

Nicholas Hensley who is buried directly next to John was killed in Afghanistan as well. 
He was brought home on the same flight as John to Dover.
They flew back to the states on the same angel flight, and now they both rest beside each other.

Then Thomas Spitzer was one of John's friends, they joined the Marine Corps on the buddy system. 
John was KIA on June 28th 2011 in Sangin. 
Thomas KIA on June 25th 2014 in Sangin.
Two friends and brothers who went in together and inevitably gave their lives 3 years and 3 days apart in the same region of Afghanistan. 
Thomas is Buried a few rows away from John as well.