5 of XVII: Danny Patron

Physically and emotionally exhausted. 


The fifth promise has been completed here in Canton Ohio. Leaving twelve remaining.

A lot of work has been done, but a lot more still lays ahead. The last time I saw you Patron, I told you I'd see you when I got back. 

It took me 6 years, but I did see you again today. I'll post more about today's presentation here in a bit. 

Have to put some miles on the road.

The support today at the grave was beyond amazing.  
Car after car kept pulling up till there was around 40 people or more present. 
Daniel Patron has a tremendous amount of family and friends that love and remember him dearly. 

Here I'm standing with his immediate family. His mother Kathy, his father Frank. His brother Matthew, his wife Megan and their two children. Patrons niece and nephew. 
The littles one was born 10 months after his uncle was KIA, he's little Danny.

The last time I saw you Patron, I told you I'd see you when I got back. 
It took me 6 years, but I did see you again today. 


The memorial at Perry high school Honoring the 11 service members killed in action from Vietnam till present. 

Daniel Patron who was in the Marine Corps Band his first enlistment came back to his home town in 06 to play the drums for the dedication of this monument. 
He was also one of the men to unveil it that day.
5 years after that, they added his name to the granite slab on the base. 

That is just, I really can't even put that into words. For him to be there the day of the unveiling, not knowing that in just a short time later his name would also be added to it. That's powerful.

Friendly Support

(Screen shot from my phone)

When Coach calls you from Florence Italy to talk about the carvings and the future as in sponsorships and donations. 
Things are moving forward rapidly pertaining to XVII Carvings.

Also Thank you to Coach for his generous donation he personally sent me few weeks back. That will further help in funding my travels.


Miles and Miles

I left Andy's house at exactly 57,000
1654 miles one way. 
Got home yesterday little after 4pm. 
Two nights sleeping in the car, hours of driving, but another carving has been completed and delivered. 

Took a step back, sigh of relief, and have already started planning the 6th delivery. Which will be done and delivered to the parents of Chad Frokjer who was KIA on June 30th 2011. 

The delivery will be on Sep 9th in Minnesota.



Thank you to "Operation Flags of Freedom" for lining the road leading to the hall where we gathered and ate lunch. 
Pulling up and driving past all these flags lined up for the occasion was something I'll always be grateful for and remember.