Holding History: USS Arizona


Holding a piece of History. 
Not everyday you get to work with a piece of the pier that the USS Arizona was Docked to on that fateful morning of Dec 7th 1941.

No truer statement "Until We Regroup".

Spirit Of Heros Gala


All that's left is to put a coat of stain, then drive it to Dallas to see it get auctioned off. 

Saturday night at "The Ranch Of Lonesome Dove" and 3rd annual SOAH. 
Should be a good time.

Thanks, Coach Switzer


Well, here's the Big News I spoke of yesterday.

With the help of Coach Switzer. I was able to get Sponsored by the company Stihl.

Stihl sent up a package from Texas of numerous things and went into P&K today and they had it all there.

Two top of the line saws, an AM FM radio ear protection, chaps, helmet, couple sets of gloves, 3 different pairs of Eye wear, hats and numerous shirts. 
That is a huge help to me with future carving!

Thank you to Coach, Stihl and everyone else who's helped me get to this point.

Still have a lot of work to do.



Just shy of 1,700 miles and the 6th carving is done and delivered. 
11 more remaining till the XVII families all have one.

Tribute To The Troops

It was an Honor of mine to be able to attend the Tribute To The Troops Saturday night in Minneapolis and sit with Teresa and Kurt Greniger to one side, and Arlene and Nikki Frokjer to my other.

Humbling way to end the day on Saturday. Spent with Two families who know the term "Never Forget" all to well.

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the Twin Towers falling. 
From that day till present many lives have been changed and continue too, and it's all connected.

The events on that day inevitably put a burning desire to do more in many Americans, especially our young. A desire to serve and do their best to lend a helping hand, just as we see with the Hurricanes. Americans stepping up. 
When those towers fell, many men and woman took an oath knowing the risks, but did it anyway. 
Like many Greniger and Frokjer did the same.
And I can tell you first hand, that the desire they had to help, did that and more. They helped in their everyday mission to save the men next too them, and I wholeheartedly believe that they saved Marines on more then one occasion.

So not only today. But everyday, let us remember all the lives that have been lost in the pat 16 years, the ones on that fateful morning of the 11th, the ones ones who are still over doing the work.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 12.07.14 PM.png

Josh with the Frokjers

Just dropped Josh off at his home.

Thank you to Josh and his service dog Maggie for accompanying me on this delivery.
Josh is part of XVII Carvings as well and helps run my page.
It was nice to have the support and help along the way. Thank you again and I'll see you in a few days for the Dallas Spirit of Heroes event.

Here he is standing with the Frokjers in Their kitchen.

For Frokjer


Tribute To The Troops held a ceremony at the local Veterans park where there is a Monument for Chad Frokjer. 
Over 100 bikes showed up and numerous other Gold Star Families were present. 
They presented the Frokjers with multiple gifts of appreciation and gratitude.

Arlene asked me to stand up with the family as they honored and remembered Chad. 
That was an Honor for me as well to be part of.
We hugged and got thanks from a line of people for well over an hour.

Thank You Kathy Luke Patron


Had to get another can of Clear sealant. 
Thank you to Kathy Luke Patron and her husband Frank for the generous donation they gave me last month. I used $20 of it to get this can of sealant. This can will seal the carving for Chad Frokjers family and a few more in the future. 
I also just got more donation money from friends and family of theirs, thank you. This all helps with funding.

Warriors aren't trained to Retire.

The carvings come from a desire to do more for others, and to show the families
"We do Remember". 
It's more then just a saying or words, it's in our actions. 
My stacks not huge, my records aren't filled with long descriptions of heroic actions. 
I have been through, seen things and did things that would make most crumble. 
I'm not a Hero and never will be, but I do consider myself a Warrior and Fighter. 
I will fight for the things I believe, and for the ones I love.

Pates In Progress


EJ Pates mother Erma. 
I sent her a few photos of the the last carving I did and delivered to Ohio. She responds with this. 
Humbling to be able to present the families with a carving. 
She will be receiving a carving on October 22nd in Arlington at her sons grave.

"Until We Regroup"

A RED FRIDAY Salute out here at Skydive Airtight. 
Thanks to Tony for the photo, Semper Fi Brother.